How We Buy Houses in Tampa - Our Simple Process

Our Tampa Home Buying Company is Leading the Industry

Our Home Buyers in Tampa Make it EASY to Sell Your House.

There are so many home buying companies out there - many that are complete scams. Tampa Cash Home Sales is different. We are genuinely interested in helping distressed home sellers get the cash they deserve for their property. Our Tampa homebuyers don’t look for ways to nickel and dime you for every step in the home buying process. Nor do we try to toss in excessive fees or commissions. The approach you want when you're looking for a way to sell my house fast in Tampa is straightforward. We want to help you get the burdensome property off your hand as much as you want it off, and we want to award you the best offer for your house.

We understand that traditional Florida home buyers are not always empathetic to your needs. They are concerned only with their company’s bottom line. Tampa Cash Home Sales doesn’t want you to feel that you are hopelessly stuck with a piece of property that is creating a burden on you and your family.

If you are looking for a quick way out and fast cash to start rebuilding after financial ruin, call on us! One of our home buying consultants is eagerly waiting to schedule your free consultation today. Contact us now!

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We Make It Easy to Get Your Cash!

Our Home Buying Process in Tampa

Do you need cash fast, and you are tired of all the delays that traditional home buying companies, banks, and other financial institutions put you through? We make it easy and fast to get cash. Here is how we buy houses.
Step 1


The first step in the process of selling your house is the consultation. There could be many reasons that you may want to sell your home to us for quick cash. Maybe you have taken a job in another state and need to sell your current home quickly. Closing the traditional way may take longer than expected, and you just don’t have the time to wait. Maybe your home is dated and in need of costly repairs and renovations. Also, selling the house is not an option because the buyer requires you to make the fixes to sell it. No matter your reason for wanting to sell, we are here to get you your money fast. After all, that's why WE buy your house upfront. We'll answer all your questions about home buyers.

A home buying consultant scheduling a consultation with a customer in Tampa, FL
A property specialist inspecting a home in Tampa, FL
Step 2


After your consultation, we will send one of our property specialists to assess your home's condition. We will view the interior and exterior of the home. Our specialists will inspect the home for problem areas, look at the property's character, and complete the value assessment. We take into consideration the market value and the neighborhood you're in. Once we finish the assessment, we will then make you an “as is” offer on-the-spot. This means that based on the home's condition, we will purchase it for an agreed-upon amount.

Step 3


Our property specialist will make you an offer “as is” based on the assessment and provide you with an offer. If you agree to the offer, we will need you to sign an agreement based on the agreed-upon price. Once you sign the deal, our team will quickly get to work on closing procedures to transfer your home to us for the cash.

A home owner signing an agreement and turning over the keys to their home for cash.
A couple getting cash for their house in Tampa, FL
Step 4


Once we do all of the backend procedures to get your property transferred to us, we will provide you with your cash! It’s just that simple. No strings attached, no middle men, and no dealing with a real estate agent. Contact one of our consultants today to get started with the process of selling your home for cash.


See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Due to the run-down look of our 1890's home, we received a handful of incredibly low offers on it when it went on the market. I just didn't have the money to renovate it up to the standard of what home buyers were looking for. Thankfully, Tampa Cash Home Sales made us a cash offer and we were able to close within the week! Such a great company if you have an old home that simply won't sell for it's worth."
- Natasha B.

Sell Your House

Do you need to sell your Tampa house? We realize that you probably need money right away to get the house that you want to buy. Traditional home buyers may require a much longer time to close on the home due to issues that arise with the bank loans. You can bypass all of the frustration, commission, and fees involved in a traditional closing process by selling your home to us for cash. It takes as little as seven days! 

Save Your House

Are you at risk of losing your home because you are behind on payments, or are you facing foreclosure? We can help save your Tampa home. It takes our team as little as seven days to obtain your cash, so before your next payment is due, you can have some cash in hand. Contact one of our consultants today to discuss your options for saving your home. We don't want you to lose your home to the bank!

Sell a House Fast in Tampa With the #1 Cash Home Buyers in the Area!

Get maximum cash and sell a house fast in Tampa by calling the #1 name in the area, Tampa Cash Home Sales. FREE consultations and convenient appointments! 
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