Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Cash Home Sales

What Types of Houses Do We Buy?

There is virtually no limit when it comes to the types of properties we buy. Of course, we buy single-family homes. But we also buy condos, townhomes, multi-family units, apartments, and more. We also consider purchasing some commercial properties. The properties that we buy are bought as-is, and we never require you to fix your property before we make an offer. Instead, our specialists perform a walk-through, make you an offer, and get you your cash as fast as possible. In most cases, we can have your money within a week. Are you ready to get out of that lousy mortgage deal and move on with your life? Contact us today to schedule your walk-through with one of our specialists and get your offer right away.

We buy houses in any condition including single family homes, condos, townhouses, and more.
Our team also buys apartment homes. 
Additionally, we may buy some commercial properties. 
It's quick and easy.
You get cash on the spot once approved.
There is not need to fix up your house; we buy as is.

What Are The Benefits of Selling a House For Cash?

Homes on the market these days seem to be selling quickly. So, if you want to buy a house that you love, it may not be ideal to wait on traditional means to sell your home to buy your new house. Instead, if you want cash fast to close on the house of your dreams, consider selling your house to us for money. Other scenarios in which you may need some money quickly may be to relinquish a house with a high mortgage or inherit a property that you don't want to manage. Whatever your reason is for selling your home fast for cash, we can help! Contact one of our specialists today to schedule your walk-through and get your money in as little as a week.

Who Buys Houses For Cash?

If you need money for your house right away and want to know who buys homes for cash, look no further than the experts at Tampa Cash Home Sales. We are home investors who evaluate the value of your home and provide you with a cash offer. Our cash offers are usually granted in as little as seven days which is faster than most companies who offer similar services. So if you are ready to sell your house as quickly as possible, consider selling it to a home investor like us.

Our company buys houses for cash. 
There are also other similar companies who buy houses for cash.
Anyone who operates as a home investor buys houses for cash.
It's based on the current condition of your home.
We also consider how much money it will take to get it market-ready. 
We'll also consider other properties in the surroundng area. 

How much will an investor pay for my house?

Many may assume that our inspectors schedule inspections, take a look around, and then throw out a magic number for your house. Our inspectors are very skilled and know what to look for when evaluating your home. They know what homes in your neighborhood are selling for on the market, and they also know how to check for problems that may decrease the value of your quote. Although we take your home as-is, we also consider how much it would take to fix these things to get your house to sell on the market. So, we have to deduct these costs to arrive at a proper quote. After evaluating these things, we can provide you with an offer. Depending on your circumstances, we can get you your cash within as little as a week if you accept the offer.

Are cash buyers better?

For most homebuyers, the traditional route will be the best way to go. These homebuyers will go to a conventional lending institution, go through the home selling process, close and turn over the keys to their house to the buyer. This process typically takes 30 days but could take even longer due to various circumstances. In some instances, home sellers don't have 30 days to spare. Also, they can't fix their home up to get it ready for inspection. These people include the following:

  • Those who inherited a property and don't want to deal with the upkeep
  • Homeowners facing foreclosure
  • Someone who has purchased a home elsewhere and need to sell the current one fast to avoid two mortgages
  • Those who need cash quickly after facing divorce, high medical bills, or other financial problems

If you face emergencies, the traditional home selling process may not provide the flexibility you need. But we can help you get out of many financial loopholes associated with your home so that you can get back to living comfortably. So call us today to schedule your walk-through so that you can get on the fast track to getting cash for your home quickly.

Cash buyers are better if you are facing foreclosure.
They are if you need to move out of your property as quickly as possible.
Cash buyers are better if you are trying to get out of a high loan payment. 
Determine that you want to sell your house for cash.
Pick up the phone and call us at (813) 692-5700. 
We'll do a walk-through and make you an offer. It's just that simple!

What sells a house fast?

When it comes to selling your house through Tampa Cash Home Sales, you never have to worry about fixing your home up in the way you do for a traditional home sale. A real estate agent may tell you to fix electrical issues, any plumbing issues, roof problems, and other critical issues so that your home can pass inspection. When you sell a home with us, you never have to worry about getting your house ready because we buy your house in the current condition that it is in. Simply call us, schedule your inspection, and within as little as a week, you will have your cash offer.

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